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Silicon Valley Tech Women Encourage STEM Careers

Mala Devlin

Mala Devlin

Mala Devlin, Engineering Manager at Cisco Systems and Trina Alexson‘s book, Bit by Bit encourages young women in high school and university to pursue high tech careers.

Trina Alexson

Trina Alexson

Devlin and Alexson interviewed more than 40 women across leading Silicon Valley companies to highlight the top 10 reasons why young women should consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers, despite women’s under-representation in these fields.

The authors provide descriptions of job roles and career paths, and list skills required to succeed in technology careers.

Insights from this book are equally applicable to young men, and the authors encourage members of all under-represented groups to consider STEM careers.

Devlin and Alexson donated all profits from the book to the Anita Borg Society for Women in Technology

-*What practices have you seen increase interest in STEM careers among young women and other under-represented groups?

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