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Global Change Strategist-Organizational Psychologist

Kathryn Welds

Kathryn Welds

Kathryn’s professional experience includes serving as an organizational psychologist, technology consultant, software industry analyst, marketing and sales leader to guide complex, cross-functional, global transformational change in organizations.

She has led consulting practices at Mercer Human Resources Consulting and Oracle Corporation, guided program development and launches for global initiatives at Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard and an innovative U.S.-based program for Levi Strauss & Co., Inc. 

Her cross-functional experience includes collaborations with leaders in engineering, sales, marketing, operations, information technology, finance, legal, and human resources in multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies as well as fast-paced start-ups.  

She advises organizational leaders as they lead significant change, and provides guidance on structuring, communicating, and measuring change impact.
Individuals, teams, and organizations develop new skills, mindsets, and work processes during these ambitious organizational shifts. 

Kathryn has deep experience as a thinking collaborator, assessment guide, and accountability partner in an organizational effectiveness and development processes that build leaders’ capabilities to enhance performance and achieve organizational goals.

She is skilled in clarifying complex challenges, identifying and monitoring executable action plans for measurable organizational results, enhancing personal resilience, and guiding changes in self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.  

Consulting, expatriate assignments, and speaking engagements have taken her to more than 80 countries (half in emerging markets), and she’s authored more than 40 publications on technology, workplace, healthcare, and educational issues.

Academic background includes Scripps College (B.A., Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa), Harvard University (M.A., Ph.D., Personality and Developmental Psychology), and post-doctoral fellowships at Cornell University Medical College (New York City), California Pacific Medical Center (San Francisco).
Certificates are from programs at Stanford University, Columbia University, Graduate School of Management at University of California (Irvine), Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, and Hewlett Packard Company.

A licensed, board-certified psychologist in California, Kathryn has taught at Harvard University, Pepperdine University, University of California at Los Angeles, University of San Francisco, and others.



2 thoughts on “About Kathryn Welds

  1. emiliaelisabethblog

    “Creating value by connecting people, information, and ideas, to accomplish strategic results”. What a fascinating mission you have! It resonates greatly with mine, and I´m very much looking forward to reading your posts.


    1. kathrynwelds Post author

      Thank you for joining the conversation!
      I look forward to your perspective on Positive Psychology from your work with Martin Seligman (see post later this week….) and Barbara Frederickson.


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