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Remaining Workplace Challenges after 1970 Newsweek Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit

As recently as 2006, a young female journalist at Newsweek observed that men received higher-profile assignments and better opportunities, at higher salaries.
She learned that decades earlier, women Newsweek staffers brought the first sex discrimination lawsuit in the media industry concerning the same issues.

Lynn Povich

Lynn Povich

Lynn Povich, one of the original Newsweek staffers, recounts the incident in its larger social context, in The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace 

Their complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was filed on the same day that Newsweek ran a cover story on “Women in Revolt,” March 16, 1970.

Women staffers charged that they had been “systematically discriminated against in both hiring and promotion and forced to assume subsidiary role” due entirely to their gender.

As viewers enjoy the quaint period elements of the Mad Men-era workplace, Povich’s book illustrates that significant remnants of this discriminatory culture persists today.

-*What continuing workplace inequities have you observed in the past year?
-*What are effective ways to respond to differential workplace opportunities and treatment?

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