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Silicon Valley Executive Recruiter’s Advice for Getting to the Top

Kathryn Ullrich

Kathryn Ullrich

Kathryn Ullrich is a Silicon Valley executive recruiter who also advises UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management Career Center.

She notes that companies have delegated career development responsibilities to employees, so she advocates the critical importance of individuals taking responsibility for their own career success.

In her book, Getting to the Top: Strategies for Career Success, Ullrich outlines executive skills she finds critical for career, and has organized these in a 3-D pyramid-shaped model including:

• Strategic vision
• Customer perspective
• Communications
• Team leadership
• Distinguishing skills

In contrast, Cisco Systems conducted research on characteristics and correlates of successful performance among its executive leaders and found that these different capabilities are essential:

Learning (Developing self and others)
Acceleration (Alignment with organizational goals)
Disruption (Innovation, Change management)

Both models are a “convenient heuristic” for effective career performance in Silicon Valley’s culture of innovative technology and business models.

-*What do you see as top five skills for leadership effectiveness?

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