How Parents can Limit Girls’ Leadership and Achievement Potential

Forbes Woman observed that seven parenting and teaching practices may still persist, and have been shown to limit girls’ potential for achievement in school and sports.

These practices can lay the foundation for unchallenged assumptions that may continue to limit their potential to advance in workplace leadership roles.

1. Teach her to be polite and quiet without skills to be proactive and assertive

2. Buy her gender-specific toys

3. Focus on her appearance more than her accomplishments

4. Give in to the allure of the ”princess cult”

5. Assign her father or male caretaker all the physical tasks around the house

6. Limit most of her social contract to other girls

7. Criticize your own body, and/or women’s bodies

-*How do you help girls develop leadership and achievement skills they will need in the next decade and beyond?

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