Tired of Motivational Cheerleading? Larry Smith on Why You’ll Fail to Have a Great Career

Larry Smith

Larry Smith

Economist Larry Smith, confesses that he “does dismal” as a motivational curmudgeon in his entertaining TED Talk

He reveals reasons that his audience, and perhaps you, will fail to have a great career:

1. Good jobs are disappearing; what remains are high work load and soul destroying jobs OR great jobs and great careers

2. You will not follow your passion

3. You will hope for luck

4. You think that only geniuses can “succeed” and have a great career

5. You think you’re not weird enough to follow your passion

6. You will not identify your passion; you will fall back on interests

7. You fail to find the highest expression of your talent

8. You will fail to execute on your passion because you value human relationships over great accomplishment

9. You say your parents won’t encourage you to follow your passion, and you won’t encourage your children to pursue their passions

10. You are afraid to fail

11. You are afraid to look ridiculous


-*What actions do you take to prove Larry Smith wrong?

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