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“Tour of Duty” Career Model

Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman, venture capitalist and entrepreneur behind such Silicon Valley start-ups as Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, Zynga, suggests “a tour of duty as a model for…composing work and a career” in his 2012 book with Ben Casnocha, The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career

He proposes asking “What’s the right next step — stay in this job, do another job for the company or do a good job at another company?

In conversation Ethan Mollick, Wharton management professor, Hoffman recommends the intersection among “my assets”, “my aspirations”, and “the market realities” to identify career focus.
He advocates taking “intelligent risks” while “thinking a lot about ‘What are the risks?’, ‘What your variations are in Plan B?’”

As the co-founder of LinkedIn, a leading social network for business connections and job searching, he considers networking as “a mutual alliance…you help each other.”
Providing mutual benefit is a key for sustained relationship building for business success, according to Hoffman.

-*How do you develop a “Plan B” when taking “intelligence career risks”?

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