2 thoughts on “Internet Use, Cultural Activities Maintain Health Literacy Skills, Health Status

  1. kathrynwelds Post author

    Gary W. Kelly wrote:
    Hopefully, the skills extend to the ability to check prescriptions, and be sure that no prescription error has been made. It would be nice if that is included as a skill in future studies.

    Kathryn Welds replied:
    Thanks, Gary, for your comment. Yes, the definition of health literacy is directly linked to verifying prescription accuracy and participating in health care by using prescriptions as prescribed: http://iom.edu/Reports/2004/Health-Literacy-A-Prescription-to-End-Confusion.aspx

    Kobayashi’s team did consider the extent to which people could understand and use their prescriptions for medication and lifestyle modifications: http://jech.bmj.com/content/early/2014/11/09/jech-2014-204733.abstract?sid=a4832886-c34d-47f1-8f78-a8cf8199bfbf

  2. kathrynwelds Post author

    Gary W. Kelly continued:

    Excellent! All worthy goals. There are too many people who do not know what they are taking, how/when to take the medications, why they should take them, or when to stop taking them. Many of persons who are elderly are too often taking medications even after the doctor had them discontinue the medication, or not taking a new one as prescribed. Dementia is an issue, as many fail to acknowledge that they are not compliant, or are having difficulty with their medications. Hopefully, studies like these will help to resolve many of these issues by documenting them, and bringing them to the attention of everyone.

    Kathryn Welds responded:

    Thank you so much for stating the issue so clearly, Gary.
    As time passes, this becomes a more personally-important to each health care consumer.


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