“Smart Failure” to Manage in a Fast-Changing World

Eddie Obeng

Eddie Obeng

Eddie Obeng’s dizzyingly rapid-fire TED talk asserts that we live in a “New World” in which “the local environment of individuals, organizations and governments changes faster than we can learn.”

As a result, he contends that most commonly-used concepts, best practices and assumptions to plan, manage and lead, organizations are obsolete.

He refers to this “New World” as the “World After Midnight” and shares discussion and observations.

To offer a forum to discuss and advance this approach with a “continuous link between learning and implementation”, he established Pentacle (The Virtual Business School), which offers tools and courses, with an emphasis on executing strategy through project management best practices.

Obeng draws on his experience as an engineer at Royal Dutch Shell, then Professor at the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henley Business School, and a Council Member at the UK Design Council in his books:

Like the Silicon Valley mantra “Fail Fast” to capture relevant learning experiences, Obeng urges “Smart Failure” through multiple experiments or trials, and rapid prototyping.

-*Where have you seen “Fast Failure” aid workplace innovation?

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3 thoughts on ““Smart Failure” to Manage in a Fast-Changing World

  1. Eddie Obeng

    Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for featuring my TED Talk, and to tell you that I recently spoke at Google Zeitgeist Europe 2013 about ‘Generation Tomorrow’, and how it’s mindset, not age, that determines who will shape the future!

    If you’re interested in watching the video, you can find it at http://PentacleTheVBS.com/Zeitgeist2013.htm


    Eddie Obeng

      1. Eddie Obeng

        You’re welcome Kathryn. I hope you like the Zeitgeist talk – if anything, it’s even more “rapid-fire” thanthe TED one!

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new video once you’ve watched it.



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