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Working From Home: Calculating Cost, Time, Environmental Savings

Companies and individuals save money when employees work from home offices, and there’s an environmental impact of reducing traffic congestion and emissions.

Govloop and HP produced a calculator based on federal databases and studies that considers time and distance traveled each day, vehicle type, and number of telecommuting days to calculate cost savings and productivity gains.

Govloop estimates that the average employer spends about $10,000 in energy, real estate, and production costs per employee annually, while advocacy group American Telecommuting Association claims teleworkers show 10% to 15% improved productivity in nearly every related study over the past two decades.

One Stanford University study  in China found working from home increased performance by 13% and cut attrition by 50%.

Govloop Telework Calculator

Calculators from other organizations consider other costs like work clothes, shoes, and accessories, plus attending office social events.

NIHNational Institute of Health

Seattle’s commuter challenge

More information here and here

-*To what extent does your workplace enable employees to work remotely?

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