Expressing Anger at Work: Power Tactic or Career-Limiting Strategy?

Organizational pressures can trigger expressions of anger. When women and men express anger at work, they receive different evaluations of their status, competence, leadership effectiveness. Both male and female evaluators conferred lower status on angry female professionals, regardless of the women’s rank, reported Yale University’s Victoria Brescoll and Eric Luis Uhlmann of HEC Paris School […]

Women Who Express Anger Seen as Less Influential

Women who expressed anger were less likely to influence their peers in computer-mediated mock jury proceedings, found Arizona State University’s Jessica Salerno and Liana Peter-Hagene of University of Illinois.  More than 200 U.S. jury-eligible volunteers reviewed opening arguments and closing statements, eyewitness testimonies, crime scene photographs, and an image of the alleged weapon in a homicide. Participants made individual […]

Women May Undermine Salary Negotiations with Excessive Gratitude

Candid self-disclosure hurt women’s salary negotiation outcomes when they disclosed that a salary that exceeded their expectations in a study by Monash University’s Andreas Leibbrandt and John A. List of the University of Chicago. Some women applying for administrative assistant jobs were told that the wages were “negotiable,” and these women negotiated higher pay by […]

Do Women Advance in Careers More Slowly than Men?

Men received 15% more promotions than women, according to a Catalyst Benchmarking Survey. Similar numbers of “high potential” women and men were selected for lateral moves to other parts of the business. However, men but not women, received promotions after the career-developing lateral moves. Women’s developmental lateral moves were substitutes for actual career advancement, suggested INSEAD’s Hermina Ibarra […]

When Women Predominate in Groups: Stigma Contagion

Women in Engineering or Information Technology organizations may find themselves the only person using the women’s restroom, one advantage in light of well-documented workplace challenges associated with minority status. Men face similar challenges when they work in Human Resources, Marketing, or Communications, where more women are employed. Despite potential isolation of experiencing gender minority status, […]

Gender Bias in STEM Hiring Even When it Reduces Financial Returns  

Women are under-represented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) academic programs and professional roles, and some question whether this is a a result of personal preference, implicit bias, institutional barriers, or other factors, To investigate, Columbia University’s Ernesto Reuben, Paola Sapienza of Northwestern University, and University of Chicago’s Luigi Zingales developed an experimental job […]

Gender Differences in Emotional Expression: Smiling

Previous blog posts have outlined dilemmas women face in being seen as competent yet  “likeable” in negotiations. Deborah Gruenfeld of Stanford and researcher Carol Kinsey Goman note that women can increase perceived authority. if they smile when situationally-appropriate instead of consistently. They imply that observers assign different interpretations to women’s smiles than to men’s smiles. Washington University […]

Saudi Women’s Driving Campaign meets “When Everything Changed”

Saudi Women’s Driving Campaign occurred near the time that New York Times columnist Gail Collins discussed her book When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present  at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies. Though separated by oceans and time zones, both events refer to the continuing challenge of women achieving […]