Women’s Self-Advocacy: Self-Promotion and Violating the “Female Modesty” Norm

Many women experience anxiety when required to showcase their accomplishments and skills, yet many in the U.S. have heard that self-promotion, personal marketing, and “selling yourself” are required to be recognized and rewarded at work. Gender norms about “modesty” contribute to women’s discomfort in highlighting their accomplishments. These implicit rules include: holding a moderate opinion […]

Women Who Express Anger Seen as Less Influential

Men who expressed anger were more likely to influence their peers, found Arizona State University’s Jessica Salerno and Liana Peter-Hagene of University of Illinois in their study of computer-mediated mock jury proceedings. In contrast, women who expressed anger were seen as less influential, reinforcing trends reported in a previous blog post. More than 200 U.S. jury-eligible volunteers reviewed opening arguments […]