Managing “Triadic Managers” and Navigating Office Politics by Becoming a Little Like Them

Some business leaders exhibit three problematic behaviors styles: Psychopathy, Narcissism, Machiavellianism, according to British psychologist and journalist, Oliver James. He labels these “triadic managers.”  Fictional comedies and dramas satirize the stress wrought upon others by “triadic managers”, but each element of the triumvirate have been investigated by clinical researchers and social scientists. The most extensively researched […]

Workplace Incivility is Contagious, Damaging

Workplace incivility has numerous negative consequences including reduced employee engagement and productivity, according to North Carolina State University’s James E. Bartlett and Michelle E. Bartlett with Florida Atlantic University’s Thomas G. Reio. Rudeness in the workplace is contagious and leads people to be vigilant for subsequent slights, reported University of Florida’s Trevor Foulk, Andrew Woolum, and […]

Ask a Narcissist

Confidence is correlated with career effectiveness and advancement. However, people who exhibit too much of a good thing may seem “narcissistic.” The narcissistic personality is characterized by: -Inflated views of the self, -Grandiosity, -Self-focus and vanity, -Self-importance, according to San Diego State University’s Jean M. Twenge, with Sara Konrath and Brad J. Bushman of University […]

Developing “Big 8” Job Competencies

Better job performance is associated with eight capabilities known as “The Big 8”, according to Korn-Ferry International’s George Hallenbeck, in the Leadership Architect® Library of Competencies: • Dealing with Ambiguity, • Creativity, • Innovation Management, • Strategic Agility, • Planning, • Motivating Others, • Building Effective Teams, • Managing Vision & Purpose. He analyzed more than 1500 ratings […]

Career “Planning” = Career “Improvisation”

Planning is most suited to relatively certain circumstances in which processes and decisions are typically linear, argued Stanford’s Kathleen Eisenhardt and Behnam Tabrizi in their analysis of global computer product innovation. In contrast, frequently-changing or uncertain conditions with many iterative modifications require improvisation coupled with frequent testing. In “VUCA world,” described by the U.S. Army War College […]

“Derailing” Executive Personality Measures Predict Leadership Mishaps

“Executive Derailment” occurs when a person with an executive-level position is seen by others to “fail” in achieving the most important goals for the role, including business outcomes and interpersonal relationships. Ellen Van Velsor and Jean Brittain Leslie of The Center for Creative Leadership’s reassessed and confirmed their earlier findings on derailment dynamics. Executive derailment can occur when: An […]

Are You Enabling a Bad Leader?

Responsibility for ineffective and unethical leadership is held by many parties, not just leaders themselves. Harvard’s Barbara Kellerman argued that followers – and certainly Executive Board members –  can precipitate, enable and collaborate in bad leadership. She studied followership of incompetent, corrupt, and evil leadership in public and business settings. Kellerman concluded that both followers […]

Recalling Supportive Relationships Can Reduce Dislike of Outsiders

Animosity toward perceived outsiders remains a powerful driver of political attitudes and aggressive behavior toward out-groups, even in diverse societies. However, intergroup discord can be reduced by recalling times of connection to supportive others, found University of Michigan’s Muniba Saleem collaborating with Sara Prot, Ben C. P. Lam and Craig A. Anderson of Iowa State, […]

Collaboration Can Encourage Corruption, Lying

Many corporations encourage collaboration and make it part of culture statements and annual performance reviews. Cisco Systems, for example, defined collaboration as “working across boundaries, building teams, managing conflict, earning trust, and recognizing good performance,” part of the CLEAD performance management and development system. Ability to collaborate develops in childhood and is associated with positive […]